Monday, December 19, 2011

AC/DC's Brian Johnson on the Top Gear experience

Some leftover snippets from my Brian Johnson story, this bit about his experience on Top Gear in 2009. James May, by the way, was at Johnson's Sarasota, Fla., home in November filming a segment for the upcoming season. Jeremy Clarkson was apparently in Miami doing something also.

BRIAN JOHNSON ON JAMES, JEREMY AND HAMMOND: "They are great lads. They're phenomenal. They're the funniest lads. Went to one of the nicest dinners of me life. They said, 'Brian, you want to go to dinner at the old local pub in London?' It’s called the Pig’s Ear. And we went upstairs at the Pig’s Ear and we all had shepherd’s pie without even realizing we had all ordered the same. We all suddenly realized we’re exactly the same. We all love the same things, old black and white second world war movies, old race car movies like Grand Prix and Le Mans. If I don’t watch that every two weeks ... I’ve got to get my fix of it, you know, Steve McQueen. The Fast Lady, starring Stanley Baxter, it’s an English movie. Fantastic."