Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bourdais looking for a team that trusts him, would love it to be Newman/Haas/Lanigan again, but considers a return unlikely in current climate

Exchanged e-mails with four-time former Champ Car champion and Formula One refugee Sebastien Bourdais - Toro Rosso actually fired him in a text message? Classy - after he returned from vacation (or would that be holiday?). He's open to a return to North American open wheel racing, would love for it to be with Newman/Haas/Lanigan, where he dominated prior to his F1 attempt in 2008. But he's not sure it's a viable situation, even though the team said last month it would do whatever it could for its former star.

Q: Is it your preference to remain in F1/race in Europe or are you open to returning to North America?
A: It doesn't really matter. The most important (thing) is to find an exciting racing program and to be competitive. I need to find a place where the people I work with trust me, so I can enjoy myself driving race cars again.

Q: Which begs the question, have you spoken with Newman/Haas/Lanigan about returning, either this year or next? Or spoken to other teams?
A: I have stayed in touch with NHLR ever since I left, but unless the team finds more sponsors it doesn't seem very likely (even if I would love to). Regarding the other options, I am quite open, however a lot of teams are struggling to find the money they need to run at the top and/or at all.

Q: How much more attractive is a unified North American open wheel series than when you were in Champ Car?
A: IndyCar isn't as strong as the open wheel fans would love to see it, but open wheel is doing a bit better now than when I was in Champ Car. I always had a lot of fun racing in the States and IndyCar surely is one of the very few options if I am to stay in open wheel.

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