Thursday, October 15, 2009

Biffle didn't mind Tom Logano's finger as much as Joey Logano's alleged thumbed nose

Greg Biffle said on Thursday that Tom Logano's obscene gesture toward him on pit road after a Nationwide race last week was overblown.
Logano, the father of 19-year-old Sprint Cup driver Joey Logano, has not been reissued his permanent "hard card" credential by NASCAR following the incident at Fontana, Calif. He's been granted a weekend pass for racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway.
Biffle seemed far less offended by Tom Logano's flipped finger than Joey Logano's perceived dismissiveness in a chat about their on-track scuffle two weeks ago at Kansas Speedway. Biffle said he probably shouldn't have run into Logano in the race last week, but said Logano needs to learn respect.
"I think you need to pay a little more respect to the veterans in the sport," Biffle said. "He chopped down in front of Tony Stewart at Dover (in the Sprint Cup race) and that didn't work out for him. And I was pretty angry over (their contact at Kansas). And so I just squeezed him out of room (at Fontana). I didn't run him into the fence on purpose. I just meant to put a little squeeze on him like he did to me at Kansas. I had nowhere to go. I had absolutely nowhere to go. I wanted to put him in that situation and see what he thought about having nowhere to go. ... We made more contact than I certainly expected."
Logano won both races.


  1. Someone needs to tell Biffle that you have to earn respect.

    And someone needs to find out why he wasn't punished for a deliberate hit.

    Obviously, Joey got the last laugh. The best revenge is winning!

  2. Poor little Joey the Wimp. Maybe his daddy can drive the 20 for him. Couldn't do any worse than his son. At least we know where Joey's lack of class came from. When Joey got the "last laugh", was he laughing at himself like the majority of Cup fans were?

  3. Can you imagine if that was Danica Patrick's father?