Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jimmie Johnson caption contest time!

This photograph of Jimmie Johnson on the observation deck of the Empire State Building is outstanding, for its own artistic and contextual reasons. It'll undoubtedly find its way to section covers or tabs in February with headlines like "The view from the top" or "It's a long way down for NASCAR's King" (Kong, get it?)

But the shot, by Mike Stobe of Getty Images, is begging for some new captions/headlines.

I'll start.

Devilish: Wow, a penny will go through a pedestrian's head from this height.

Humorous: Damn, you can see David Gilliland from here.

Timely: Goddamned zombies.



  1. FINALLY! I found a place that fans can NOT get a pass!

  2. " that a Brant James blog post?, nevermind."