Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Junior still king, but King represents himself well in online NASCAR query

The top 10 NASCAR driver and query searches on, according to a release provided by the site. Richard Petty hanging in there at number 10 isn't bad for a man who hasn't raced since twelve days after Bill Clinton was elected president. It would stand to reason that many of the Earnhardt Jr. searches included the phrases "what is up with" or "last time he won," but every little bit helps.
Would love to see the tactful answer to the third-most-asked question.

Top NASCAR Driver Searches on
1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
2. Tony Stewart
3. Dale Earnhardt
4. Jeff Gordon
5. Bobby Labonte
6. Matt Kenseth
7. Michael Waltrip
8. Carl Edwards
9. Kasey Kahne
10. Richard Petty

Top NASCAR Questions on
1. How much do NASCAR drivers get paid?
2. Who won the Daytona 500 in 2009?
3. How do NASCAR drivers go to the bathroom?
4. Why was Lake Lloyd built?
5. What does NASCAR stand for?
6. Who won the first Daytona 500?
7. Who is Tony Stewart dating?
8. What do NASCAR drivers wear under their suits?
9. What is the closest finish in Daytona 500 history?
10. Why do they call Tony Stewart "Smoke"?


  1. Cool to see fans are still interested in The King. Glad to see Mikey in the top 10. Wonder how many people spell Kasey and/or Kahne correctly when searching.

    Re: questions – I’ve seen some of these acted out on commercials. I can answer 5, possibly 7 without searching

    I believe the ‘tactful’ answer to the bathroom question is that it’s so hot in the cars, they lose water by sweating, thus don’t have a need to ‘use the bathroom.’ But I’ve also heard, one drivers fire suit was auctioned, without being cleaned, after said driver did not make it to the bathroom. Wonder if that cost extra.

  2. JR is #1 in the driver search because nobody can rember the last time he won a race.