Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pedregon: You cheated; Force: 'My kid kicked your ass' ... NHRA blood feud!

Pedregon had a point. But he also had a lot of time to render Force's likely manipulation of the U.S. Nationals useless.
NHRA theatrics. Enjoy.

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  1. For once, I believe John Force said too much. IMO, when he said he did what he had to for his sponsors (and I'm para-phrasing), he all but admitted letting Hight win.

    But is that any different from team orders in IRL or F1? Teammates in NASCAR allowing each other to pass to get 5 extra points to lead a lap?

    Nope - its Corporate America taking over sports, especially motorsports.

    Congrats to Ashley for being the first women to win in Nitro since Shirley Muldowney in '82. Hope she wins the Funny Car championship. sjb