Friday, September 4, 2009

The streak will die, right? Edwards' broken foot makes back-flipping a really bad idea

Yes, Kerri Strug summoned up all her inner pluck and pain-suppression abilities to stick the landing on the gold-medal winning vault at the 1996 Olympics despite an ankle filled with cole slaw for tendons. But she had Bela Karolyi to carry her away that night in Atlanta.
Carl Edwards' customary post-victory celebration is a trickier issue now that a Frisbee put him on crutches as he limps into the same city.
Team owner Jack Roush probably couldn't lift him and crew chief Bob Osborne likely isn't willing, so if Carl Edwards wins his first race of the season this weekend at Atlanta - where he's won three times - or in the final 11 races, his ceremonial back flip off the car door is likely to come to an end. Paging Mr. Korolyi.

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  1. Why should he stop doing the flip? He didn't break a bone doing the flip. He should quit playing frisbee. Obviously he's better at flipping than he is playing frisbee. I bet once he's completely healed we WILL see the flip again.